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Holiday Theme Magic Shows

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"Two Turtle Doves and a Bunny in a top hat"

This magic show is a 40 minute performance perfect for all ages. It's a very high-energy, fun, and interactive professional performance. Guaranteed that everyone will have a great time! The audience is involved though the entire duration of the show by singing quick lines from popular carols, laughing & giggling, and of course, being amazed by all of the Holiday themed magic feats performed!

3 Live animal productions will be produced in this show!

As we sing “Two Turtle Doves” Before you know it, our beautiful white doves - "Felix and Lucy” appear out of thin air leaving the audience captivated and surprised!

Magical Duda has been searching for a REAL Bunny through the entire show. With the help from Santa Claus, the magic words, and a giant magic wand that appears from of a stocking -- an *empty* gift is found... but not for long, as we sing the magic words, a real live bunny rabbit appears inside!

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Flying Ryan's Christmas Miracles!

A Full Holiday Theme Magic Show Perfect for getting everyone in the spirit of the Season!

Flying Ryans Magic Show:

In this 40 Minute Holiday Themed Magic Show: Find out what it is about the season that's so magical! Experience the Mystifying Miracles that Ryan Performs! This show includes interactive magic, tons of audience participation, and our unique and creative brand of magic. From Candy Canes growing and shrinking, to separating 3 different mixed coloured sand --which is impossible - we demonstrate why this season is so magical as the kids use magic on the tip of their fingers as they wiggle, and say the magic words. making things appear from no where!!

Many photo opportunities, volunteers, and fun to be had

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