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Every performance is packed full of laughs and surprises! There will be many volunteers helping to make the magic happen throughout the performances. Magic Shows are highly interactive which will keep your guests attention span throughout the full duration of the show. Each show is geared towards ALL ages, beginning with some silly magic, capturing the children’s small attention spans first, while leading into some more technical magic tricks, leaving the older children and adults scratching their heads in disbelief and wondering “How did he do that??” Performances will include live animal productions, (Bunny and/or Bird) appearing when you least expect it!

Full Magic Shows can be scheduled into your event, with the option of Balloon Sculpting, Close-up Magic, and or Meet and Greet with the LIVE Animals between the shows. 30, 45 or 60 Minute Magic Shows available:

30 Minute Interactive Magic Show

Includes a lot of funny humour and entertaining magic, with a great amount of audience participation. This show includes one live animal production - a live bunny appears for the big finale of the show.

45 Minute Interactive Magic Show

Includes everything in the 30-minute show- Plus an additional live animal production - a dove magically appears to start off the show, and, of course, this also includes the bunny production mentioned above! More time for magic tricks: means more volunteers involved during this show.

60 Minute Interactive Magic Show

Includes Dove and Bunny Production. Plus 50% more chances for volunteers, and 50% more magic! Perfect for “open to public” events - Not everyone will arrive at once and as the show goes on, more and more people passing through will stop to watch!

Extra Options

You can add Multiple Mini Magic Shows, Balloon Sculpting, Close-Up Magic, Meet’n’Greet & more to any public event! Contact us to find out how!

Ages 3 - 6

The focus is on the “Silly” magician, making the children laugh and correcting the magician as he may have made a few mistakes. With colourful props and silly magic words, the children will be giggling the whole time! Recommended for this age group: The 30 or 45 minute show

Ages 7 - 9

At about age 7, children leave behind some of their young behaviours, but they don’t want to grow up just yet! They still enjoy the silly jokes, but also start appreciating some of the more technical magic tricks. While there will still be some silly magic, the focus will be on the group, and if they call for some intellectual tricks, these will be performed as well! Recommend for this age group: 45 or 60 minute magic show and the magic workshop

Ages 10 - 13

These children feel like they are all grown up, therefore The “Adult Magic Show” will be performed for this age group. Recommend for this age group: 45 or 60 minute magic show, plus the magic workshop

All Ages

A combination of all the above will be performed, and everyone will have a wonderful time! The older kids will feel like they are in on the joke during the “Silly magic” and then they will be pleasantly surprised when met with some of the intellectual magic tricks. Recommend for this age group: 45 or 60 minute magic show, plus the magic workshop

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