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Educational Magic shows for your centre!

Every performance is packed full of laughs and surprises! There will be many volunteers throughout the performances. These highly interactive programs will keep the children’s attention span throughout the full duration of the show, and the children will believe that they are the ones who are making the magic happen! The Show will be tailored to the age group and size of the audience. With each program having a special educational message through the use of interactive magic, the children at your centre will be laughing and smiling, while simultaneously learning.

Don't Forget the Magic Words!

This Magical Performance is similar to one that would be performed at a Festival, Mall, or a Birthday Party - This program is hilarious and takes you to a whole new world of magic, mystery and fun!!

Recommend for All Ages

The Introduction to Magic! (Toddlers)

The magic here is simple - Magical Duda will be sitting on his knees for a good majority of this show. For this 20 - 25 minute program, the magician will stay at the same level as the young children, speaking very softly. Toddlers think everything is magic - and they don’t understand the full concept of what a magic show is. As feats are performed - they will also be explained. example:"this is a yellow scarf - when we say the magic words, it’s now a blue scarf! Everyone put your hands out front of you and clap... like this!!)”

Recommened for children ages 1.5 - 3 years old

Caring and Sharing Magic Show

Children will be excited to learn about the magic of sharing, being a good friend to one another, and touches on the popular topic of anti-bullying. Through the use of interactive magic, children learn the important lessons of inclusion and will see why it’s more fun when you allow everyone to have a turn during play time.

Recommended Age Group 3 - 7

The Magic of Learning Show

As adults we often forget how much fun we had as children and that learning and fun can go together. Simultaneous learning — that’s what the Magic of Learning show is all about. Children are entertained during this 30 minute show, while at the same time learning about the importance of patience of perseverance. In this entertaining magic show the magician keeps trying to make a really hard magic trick work despite challenges along the way. The message being sent to the children is the importance of patience and trying again and again until you succeed. With the help of the children, the tough magic trick finally works!The children will be laughing along during this silly, interactive and educational magic show.

Recommened for children ages 3 and up

The Magic of Reading Show

This Magic of Reading Show encourages children to read, and shows them how exciting it can be! The children learn that when you pick up a book, you can go anywhere in the world and be whomever you wish. This 45 minute interactive magic show teaches the children that you can experience new and exciting things through the magic of reading.

Recommened for children ages 5 and up

Mathemagical Magic Show

This show is geared for ages 6 and up. The show features hilarious magic tricks that teach the children how to make math fun! The children will be giggling and laughing throughout this 45 minute-magic show, while simultaneously learning decimals, fractions and measurements. This is a fun and interactive way to introduce or reinforce the importance of math!

Recommended for children ages 7 and up

One Hour Magic/Balloon Sculpting WorkShop

They say a picture is worth a thousand balloons... err, I means words!!! See below for the FUN you’re centre is about to be engaged in!

One Hour Balloon Workshop Only:
An enormous amount of balloons, 30 Minutes of Learning and twisting, plus 30 Minutes of using your imagination to make whatever creation you want! Hats, Dogs, Swords, and more!

One Hour Magic Workshop Only:
Learn up to 4 Magic Tricks using every day items found around the house (crayons, pencils, tissues, and elastic bands) 1 hour allows time for a couple volunteers to perform the magic tricks for the entire audience. These Tricks require no practice and can be done immediately

This Workshop is for ages 7 and up, with a maximum of 30 children in attendance.

Mix the two together & learn 3 magic tricks, (30 Min) and 3 balloon creations (30 Min.)

Ages 3 - 6

The focus is on the “Silly” magician, making the children laugh and correcting the magician as he may have made a few mistakes. With colourful props, and silly magic words, the children will be giggling the whole time! Recommended for this age group: The 30 or 45 minute show

Ages 7 - 9

At about age 7, children leave behind some of their young behaviours, but they don’t want to grow up just yet! They still enjoy the silly jokes, but also start appreciating some of the more technical magic tricks. While there will still be some silly magic, the focus will be on the group, and if they call for some intellectual tricks, these will be performed as well! Recommend for this age group: 45 or 60 minute magic show and the magic workshop

Ages 10 - 13

These children feel like they are all grown up, and any suggestion that they are still kids will be met with protest! The “Adult Magic Show” will be performed for this age group. Recommend for this age group: 45 or 60 minute magic show, plus the magic workshop

All Ages

A combination off all the above will be performed, and everyone will have a wonderful time! The older kids will feel like they are in on the joke during the “Silly magic” and then they will be pleasantly surprised when met with some of the intellectual magic tricks. Recommend for this age group: 45 or 60 minute magic show, plus the magic workshop

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