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Birthday Party Packages

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Birthday parties are a fantastic opportunity to host a magic show!

Whether it be at your home, or a venue, entertainers from Magical Duda Entertainment are capable of making the birthday a success! Your Child becomes the STAR of the show, when he/she helps out up to 2 times during the performance, helping make the bunny appear at the end of the show! Why not supply entertainment at your child's birthday party?

45 Minute Magic Show

Includes two animal productions, One Bird, and One Bunny. Tons of audience participation. Everyone will have a chance to meet the live animals after the show!!

  • Optional: add Balloon Animals, Loot Bags, and or Workshop for the children
  • One FREE Magic Wand for the Birthday Child - The Same wands that makes the bunny appear!
  • Unlimited Colouring Pages
  • 60 Minute Magic Show

    Includes three animal productions, 2 Birds, and 1 Bunny. A show filled with audience participation, Music, and FUN!

  • Optional: Add Balloon Animals, loot bags, Workshop for the children
  • ONE FREE Magic Wand for the birthday child - the same one that makes the bunny appear!
  • ONE FREE Magic Themed Loot Bag for the Birthday Child!
  • Unlimited Colouring Pages
  • 2+ Hours: Games, Magic and Disco

    Requirements for this Package:

    • Minimum of 20 children between ages 5 - 9
    • Must have a large space available (a Rented Venue, a Huge Basement, etc.)
    • Access to venue at least 30 minutes before guests arrive. Entertainment will arrive 30 minutes before guests do in order to set up equipment and props and be ready to begin the party as soon as the first people arrive! Your party atmosphere will be alive>

    BONUS item included for FREE in the package:

    • Balloon Animals for the children
    • Magical Duda Magic Kit
    • 21 Magic Themed Loot Bags
    • 21 Magic Wands
    • 21 Gold Medals (3 Hour Pkg)
    • Small Workshop - Teaching some magic tricks
    • Unlimited Colouring Pages

    Contact us for more information about scheduling, fitting in lunch/dinner during this time frame, etc.

    FULL 3 Hour Package also available!

    Magic Loot Bags

    Magic Themed Loot bags available 8 magic tricks, FREE magic workshop, and a ton of extra fun at your party!

    A 15 minute workshop that teaches the children how a few magic tricks work. The kids will be able to do these tricks right away! Perfect for ages 6+!

    Balloon Sculpting Ages 3 - 6

    The focus is on the “Silly” magician. Making the children laugh and correcting the magician as he may have made a few mistakes. With colorful props and silly magic words, the children will be giggling the whole time! Recommended for this age group: The 45-minute show and balloon sculpting!

    Ages 7 - 9

    At age 7, children leave behind some of their young behaviours, but they don’t want to grow up just yet. They still enjoy the silly jokes but also start appreciating some of the more technical magic tricks. While there will still be some silly magic, the focus will be on the group, and if they call for some intellectual tricks, these will be performed as well! Recommend for this age group: 2+hr Party Package, 45 or 60-minute magic show and the “Teach a Trick option” or balloon sculpting!

    Ages 10 - 13

    These children feel like they are all grown up, and any suggestion that they are still kids will be met with protest! a version of the adult magic show will be performed for this age group. Recommend for this age group: 45 or 60 minute magic show, plus the 15/30 Minute magic work shop.

    All Ages

    A combination of all the above will be performed, and everyone will have a wonderful time! The older kids will feel like they are in on the joke during the “Silly magic” and then they will be pleasantly surprised when met with some of the intellectual magic.

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