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What Does Close-Up Magic Entail?

Many of the tricks that you will see performed by a magician at a typical show are ones that are performed from a distance. These are impressive tricks but it is even more amazing to see magic tricks that are performed up close with some amazing visual features to find all around.

Close-up magic is a form of magic where you can watch someone perform a trick right near you. This is also known as micromagic. This works when the magician is about ten feet or less away from you.

This is often performed at a table. It often works with a variety of sleight of hand tricks among many other impressive moves. These are skills that take years for many magicians to perfect but when they are able to pull these tricks off, they will certainly stand out over many other magicians.

How Sleight of Hand Works

The sleight of hand trick is the most popular one that you might find from a close-up magician. This works in that cards, coins and other small items are manipulated in many ways. Some of them will disappear while others will appear precisely as the magician says they will. This includes cases where you predict a card and the magician will display the specific card that you might have chosen.

Mentalism Is Also Popular

Mentalism is often used by some of the more experienced magicians out there. This close-up magic discipline entails cold readings that involve reading peoples’ minds. Much of this entails looking at important visual cues and hearing particular sounds in one’s speech as a means of determining something that a person is thinking.

This is a special form of close-up magic that often entails things like trying to predict a number someone is thinking. It makes for an appealing form of magic but it’s only one that can be done by some of the more experienced magicians.

What Are Flourishes?

Flourishes are impressive magic stunts that entail quick movements where specific cards or other small items are picked out of a pile exactly as asked. It often focuses on card tricks with a means of memorizing the cards that are in a deck and getting the right cards displayed. This is a tricky form of magic that could certainly be appealing. It can especially entail unique physical stunts where cards are pulled around and shuffled in perfect patterns.

This great style of magic is certainly appealing but it takes years of practice for a magician to pull off a good flourish. This works often by splitting a deck of cards and performing a full rotation among other things. The tricks often entail one or two-handed cuts that require plenty of precision and speed to make a trick work out the right way. It makes for a fun style of magic when used right.

You might be surprised at how well close-up magic works. This is a great form of magic that you can see from a variety of great magicians. The styles that you’ll see when watching the tricks people can perform will certainly amaze you.

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