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How Are Animals Treated For Live Magic Shows?

Animals have long been used as parts of live magic shows. The example of a rabbit being pulled out of a hat is an image that many people conjure when they think about animals in these shows.

Another good example entails an animal appearing out of nowhere. This can entail an empty box being opened to reveal a live animal after a series of moves are performed.

As appealing as these tricks may be, it is a necessity for any magician to ensure that the welfare of the animals being used in these magic shows is taken care of properly. Magicians that use animals for these magic shows always ensure that their animals are cared for so they will cooperate with the tricks they take part in.

Animals are treated with care by getting the shelter and food that they need. They have to be fed properly, given enough water and even cleaned up after by a particular master. In this case, the magician is the master. This is done to create a positive relationship between the magician and the animal. As a result, the animal will be more likely to participate in the live magic tricks that one wants to perform.

After this, the animal will be trained to handle all sorts of situations that it might get into during a show. For instance, an animal may be trained to handle being in a properly ventilated container or box for a trick. This is to let the animal respond well without being at risk of escaping, being hostile or otherwise disrupting the trick.

An animal may also be trained to hide inside one’s piece of clothing for a brief period of time. This could help make it easier for the animal to stay in the clothing when it is trained properly and treated with utmost care.

Of course, the magician will ensure that the animal will not hide for too long. Specifically, the animal will often be revealed early on in the show and then placed in a safe habitat. This allows the animal to be cared for and treated with the respect that it deserves.

There may also be times when an animal has to be called for a trick. This includes cases where a dove might be called to get to a particular space during a trick. A dog may also be asked to come over through a specific call or key word. A magician will train an animal to come over and respond to particular commands. This is to ensure that the animal will stick around even when a certain trick is performed. This is especially the case with birds that will fly out when revealed properly.

It is amazing to see how well animals can be used at a live magic show. Don’t be afraid when you see an animal at one of these shows. Any animal that is used during such a show will be treated with care as a bond of trust is established between that creature and the magician.

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