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Meet the Magical Duda Entertainment Team

Magical Duda Entertainment has been serving all of Ontario, mainly Toronto and the Surround areas, to Barrie Ontario, and Simcoe Muskoka, for the last 15 years. We are a small team of individuals dedicated to helping make your event unforgettable! We have two full time performers - Cory Clarke (Magical Duda), and Ryan Moreau (Flying Ryan). Magical Duda Entertainment also has a part-time performer, Cody Clarke (Balloon Dude).

We work with you to find the perfect type of entertainment for your event. Whether you need entertainment for your daycare, or looking to add entertainment to your cocktail and dinner hour, Magical Duda Entertainmentcan help. View our party packages here

Meet The Entertainers:

Magical Duda

Cory Clarke is a magician specializing in children’s entertainment. Children know him best from his on stage persona, The Magical Duda.

Cory combines his natural knack for children and his heartfelt interest in magic of over twenty years to produce a show that will truly fascinate your entire family. Cory’s magical show is custom tailored to the event being held, your child’s interests, the size of the guest list, as well as the venue.

During the course of his stage show, Cory will capture your child’s interest and imagination and will hold it for the entire duration of the show, during which he will make live animals appear out of thin air, objects vanish right before your very eyes and have your child giggling like you’ve never seen before.

Cory’s success in mastering his illusions and delivering a riveting performance is fueled by his true love of magic. While entertaining your family and friends is his job, it is also his passion.

Flying Ryan

Ryan Moreau gained an interest in magic at the age of 8. After several years of studying his craft, he was taken under the wing of an industry professional, Sam Pearce, who continued Ryan's training and introduced him to the magic circle where he received training from many professionals who have worked with the likes of Criss Angel, David Blaine, David Copperfield, and more! Ryan has since entertained professional athletes, sold out theatres, and headlined many large events including Hockley Valley Resort, and Camp Cranberry. After having the chance to work with the industries top professionals Ryan has put together several shows to make your event a success. Are you looking to have entertainment at your dinner party? We can help. Looking for a children's entertainer? We can help.

Balloon Dude

Balloon Dude is the newest member to the Magical Duda Entertainment family. Having trained under both Magical Duda, and Flying Ryan, Balloon Dude is capable of supplying hours of balloon sculpting for your next event.

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Meet The Animals:

Oreo The Bunny

Oreo’s personality is hilarious and a little mischievous! He recently became Houdini and escaped from his cage! He greets me every morning by running around my feet in circles, waiting for his Hay, Fresh Water, and of course his favourite Treat - Apple Bites.

Marlie The Bunny

You know what they say about pet owners… Own them long enough, and they starts to look like you!! With Beautiful Blue eyes, and a gorgeous grey and white coat… Magical Duda may have learnt a few things from her! Marlie’s Personality you ask?? Well… she LOVES to cuddle, she LOVES the outdoors, & she is the only one who gives me a hard time about staying in her top hat sometimes!!

Charlie The Bunny

Charlie has been with us from the beginning of Magical Duda Entertainment! We could not have asked for a better bunny to go through all of the trial runs, errors, and successes from the start of the business. Charlie is a very patient boy, and was a perfect fit from the day he started with us at only 4 months old!

Felix and Lucy

Felix and Lucy have been with Magical Duda for the first couple magical practicing years! Doves typically have a long life span and could live up to 30 or more years. Magical Duda hand raised these babies from an egg - took care of them, and started training them at a few days old. Hand feeding these doves were a true way to gain the trust, and to grow such a strong bond and relationship they have today. Felix and Lucy will continue to work with Magical Duda for many more years to come!

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